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  • To bring a well-maintenanced instrument to the lessons.

  • To be punctual and prepared for lessons.

  • Students are expected to practice 15-30 minutes a day.

  • To create a distraction-free practice space for the student. 

  • To provide all the necessary supplies for daily practice.


  • To present the highest level of professionalism and respect.

  • To encourage and inspire the student to practice and perform at a high level.

  • To notify students and parents about any schedule changes.

  • To present resources that will boost one's musical development.

  • To instruct a tailored-made curriculum to the students. 

  • Progress reports will be emailed if one wants to acquire them. 


  • One 30 minute lesson is $35.

  • One 60 minute lesson is $70.

  • Lessons are billed in monthly installments and will be due by the first of every month.

  • Tuition is late after the 5th day of the month. A late $10 fee will be applied to your monthly payment. 

  • I accept Venmo and Zelle.


  • Lessons will be scheduled when the teacher and student or student’s guardian has agreed upon a set time and payment plan.

  • Lessons will be hosted at an agreed location once a week.

  • If the student is running late, please notify the teacher ten minutes before the lessons.

  • A recital will be held at the end of the school year. 

Interested in joining the studio?

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